Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

  • Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Products: Are They a Good Option for Everyone?

    Over the counter teeth whitening treatments can be a great way to achieve a smile that is several shades lighter than when you started. These are sold in varying degrees of potency, but such an approach is not appropriate for everyone. Here are some examples of when you shouldn't use an over the counter treatment. Fortunately, there are a few other options available. Age Restrictions The dental pulp in a tooth (the nerve) continues to grow into the teenage years, and as such, an over the counter whitening treatment should not be used until a child is at least 14 years old.

  • Understanding Indirect Filling Options from Your Cosmetic Dentist

    Cosmetic dentists handle a wide range of services including a procedure called indirect fillings. This may be a process that you are unfamiliar with, but if you have issues with decaying or damaged teeth, you may want to become familiar with what this option entails. Here are a few key points about indirect fillings and what you should know. What Options are Available? The first thing you should know about indirect fillings is that you have two options.

  • Different Types of Dental Surgery

    Generally, people will set up dental appointments for routine check-ups or to have cavities filled. However, there may also come a time that you require oral surgery. This could be either in the form of cosmetic surgery to remedy the misalignment of teeth, or perhaps for restorative reasons. In these instances, you would have to enlist the services of an oral surgeon. Here are some of the different types of dental surgery that you may require.

  • A Lot of Gain with No Pain: Avoiding Sensitivity During Teeth Whitening

    Even the hardiest of teeth can become quite sensitive during the whitening process. A small amount of discomfort is actually quite usual during teeth whitening, and yet it can easily be avoided. Those with highly sensitive teeth should avoid at-home whitening treatments in favour of a visit to the dentist. While effective, at-home treatments can be rather abrasive, as opposed to the more advanced non-invasive methods available from your dentist. It's not a case of no pain, no gain, and there's no reason why a beautiful white smile can't be achieved in total comfort.

  • Factors That May Necessitate A Repeat Root Canal Treatment

    Root canal treatment/therapy is an important dental procedure that seeks to halt internal damage, alleviate pain and save your tooth from having to be extracted. It's a delicate, but relatively easy process, thanks to modern dental technology. Even when you've undergone a root canal therapy; it's important to know that there are still chances you may need a subsequent endodontic treatment in the future. Repeat root canal treatments are common and may be necessitated by a number of factors.

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    Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

    As a mum, I know how essential sport can be to children's development. Through team sports like soccer, kids learn persistence, sportsmanship and the value of supporting their team members. However, all that learning carries some risk as well, and a stray elbow or a ball to the face can result in oral injuries. I have been the mum rushing to the emergency room with a precious permanent tooth sitting in a cup of milk. Admittedly, at the time, I wasn't even sure if the cup of milk was the right solution. As a parent, you will face those situations, and I'm here to make sure you know what to do when they pop up. With this blog, let's explore children's dentistry and sports injuries together... I want you to have the info you need to stay cool, calm and collected, regardless of how many teeth are on the pitch.