Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

  • How Tartar Leads to Bad Breath

    Have you had your teeth cleaned recently? If not, you should be aware that tartar doesn't just look unattractive, it also gives you bad breath. So, although you can conceal tartar — to a certain extent — you can't always conceal its smell. But unless you know how tartar forms in the first place, you won't quite understand just how it might cause bad breath or halitosis. Plaque Comes Before Tartar

  • 5 Ways to Reduce the Staining Effects of Chlorhexidine Mouthwash

    Chlorhexidine mouthwash is useful for treating gum disease. It works by killing the bacteria that infects the gums and causes them to become red, inflamed and tender. However, this type of mouthwash has one side effect that many people find difficult to deal with: it causes dark stains on the teeth. The following tips can help you to reduce this staining effect during your treatment with chlorhexidine mouthwash. 1. Floss Every Day

  • 5 Tips For Keeping Dentures In Place

    Dentures are a tooth replacement solution used by many people around the world. A set of dentures can allow you to chew, chatter and smile as though you had a full set of natural teeth. However, when you are new to dentures or when they do not fit well, keeping them in place can be challenging. Use these five tips to help prevent your dentures from slipping. 1. Practice Eating With Softer Foods

  • What's the Difference Between Cosmetic and Therapeutic Mouthwashes?

    Choosing a mouthwash isn't as easy as you think. There are a lot of products to choose from that claim to do different things. Your choice basically comes down to two factors. Some mouthwashes are cosmetic, and some are therapeutic. What's the difference, and how does it affect your product choice? What Is a Cosmetic Mouthwash? A cosmetic mouthwash freshens up the breath and makes it smell nicer. However, this kind of mouthwash generally just masks bad smells in the mouth.

  • Will Mail-Order Braces Fix Your Teeth?

    If you aren't happy with the alignment of your teeth, then you may be thinking about having braces. To save money and time, you may be considering using mail-order braces rather than seeing an orthodontist. This way, you sign up to a mail-order service and use a mould to take impressions of your teeth. The company then makes braces based on these impressions and sends them to you to wear. Typically, this service works with removable rather than permanent braces.

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    Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

    As a mum, I know how essential sport can be to children's development. Through team sports like soccer, kids learn persistence, sportsmanship and the value of supporting their team members. However, all that learning carries some risk as well, and a stray elbow or a ball to the face can result in oral injuries. I have been the mum rushing to the emergency room with a precious permanent tooth sitting in a cup of milk. Admittedly, at the time, I wasn't even sure if the cup of milk was the right solution. As a parent, you will face those situations, and I'm here to make sure you know what to do when they pop up. With this blog, let's explore children's dentistry and sports injuries together... I want you to have the info you need to stay cool, calm and collected, regardless of how many teeth are on the pitch.