Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

  • Can You Fix Tooth Abscesses With Just Antibiotics?

    The fact that tooth abscesses are often caused by bacterial infections may make you think that a dose of antibiotics will be enough to take care of your problem. After all, antibiotics are usually the go-to fix for these kinds of infections. The fact is, your dentist may not even give you a course of antibiotics when you have an abscess; even if you do get a prescription, you're also likely to need a root canal treatment.

  • 4 Tips to Protect Your Dental Implants

    Just like natural teeth, dental implants need proper care to keep them healthy. Although implants do not develop cavities like natural teeth, they can be affected by gum disease and oral infections. In rare cases, dental implants develop problems so severe that dentists are forced to remove them. Here are a few simple steps you can take to protect your dental implants, both immediately after fitting and over the long term.

  • 3 Things that May Happen after Your Root Canal

    Having a root canal treatment is a common procedure practiced by many dental offices. The treatment itself removes decay and infection to help reduce swelling and pain in the infected area. Though you may already know information about why you need a root canal and what the treatment entails, you may not know what to expect after your root canal. Here are three things that may happen after your root canal treatment and what to know about each issue.

  • Three Practical Dental Tips for Improving Your Smile

    If you are interested in improving the quality of your smile, you should think about boosting your oral and dental health. Often, people take drastic measures such as planning for cosmetic procedures. These processes can be highly beneficial, but they are unnecessary for individuals without serious dental problems such as malocclusion, cracking and intrinsic staining. In most cases, the aesthetics of a smile can be enhanced through long-term care of the teeth and precautionary measures to prevent the deterioration of the dental structure.

  • Hitting The Bottle: What Is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, And How Can It Be Prevented?

    Tooth decay is not a pleasant thing to deal with at any stage of life, but while tooth decay in an older person might simply lead to a few fillings or a gappy smile, tooth decay in very young children can be a much more serious matter. Baby bottle tooth decay, also known as early childhood caries, can afflict the teeth of toddlers and even young babies who are growing their very first teeth, and all parents should be aware of how to detect this problem and how it can be treated if it arises.

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    Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

    As a mum, I know how essential sport can be to children's development. Through team sports like soccer, kids learn persistence, sportsmanship and the value of supporting their team members. However, all that learning carries some risk as well, and a stray elbow or a ball to the face can result in oral injuries. I have been the mum rushing to the emergency room with a precious permanent tooth sitting in a cup of milk. Admittedly, at the time, I wasn't even sure if the cup of milk was the right solution. As a parent, you will face those situations, and I'm here to make sure you know what to do when they pop up. With this blog, let's explore children's dentistry and sports injuries together... I want you to have the info you need to stay cool, calm and collected, regardless of how many teeth are on the pitch.