Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

  • Making a Fuss about Floss Reuse: Why You Should Avoid Reusing Floss

    The importance of flossing your teeth can not be understated. Even if you brush your teeth twice a day, you may still be missing those nooks and crannies between teeth that bristles often miss. However, even if you do floss, you should never be tempted to reuse a piece of floss. For starters, just imagine all those microscopic nasties that might still be lingering. In fact, reusing floss can harm your oral health in more ways than one.

  • Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal? Here Are Four Times When Wisdom Teeth Removal is Needed Straight Away

    If your dentist has informed you that you need wisdom teeth removal straight away, you may wonder if this procedure is actually necessary. Whilst not all wisdom teeth must be removed, you may have a situation that demands prompt attention. If you have any of the situations discussed below, having the wisdom teeth removed is usually the best course of action.  When Your Wisdom Teeth Are Quite Obvious If your wisdom teeth have erupted through the gums -- and especially if they're nearly as prominent as your back molars -- removal is probably necessary.

  • A Sinking Feeling About Wisdom Teeth: Do Wisdom Teeth Sink Back into the Gums?

    Do you feel like your wisdom teeth are playing peek-a-boo with you, one moment appearing and the next, disappearing? It might seem like a wisdom tooth is sinking back into your gum tissue but the truth is, teeth cannot erupt and then retreat at will. Each type of tooth, from your incisors to your wisdom teeth, is programmed by nature to erupt at a specific time. Once upon a time, when human jaws were larger, each tooth would erupt and take its place alongside the other teeth.

  • Top Causes of Tooth Discolouration and Teeth Whitening Treatments Available to Patients

    Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, but having discoloured teeth can get in the way. Here is a look at some common causes of tooth discolouration, treatment options available for the problem and how to deal with any unpleasant side effects that may arise from tooth whitening treatment.                    Top Reasons Behind Tooth Discolouration What you eat or drink. The type of food and drinks you consume can affect the natural colour of your teeth.

  • The Various Advantages of Replacing Missing Front Teeth With Removable Partial Dentures

    While all natural teeth are important, the significance of front teeth cannot go unnoticed because they are usually conspicuously seen. Missing one or a few front teeth can be psychologically tormenting. It can make you feel too self-conscious when interacting with other people, as you'll keep imagining that they are staring at the unsightly gaps left behind by the missing teeth. There are a number of different treatment options that a dentist can offer to treat a missing front tooth or teeth.

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    Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

    As a mum, I know how essential sport can be to children's development. Through team sports like soccer, kids learn persistence, sportsmanship and the value of supporting their team members. However, all that learning carries some risk as well, and a stray elbow or a ball to the face can result in oral injuries. I have been the mum rushing to the emergency room with a precious permanent tooth sitting in a cup of milk. Admittedly, at the time, I wasn't even sure if the cup of milk was the right solution. As a parent, you will face those situations, and I'm here to make sure you know what to do when they pop up. With this blog, let's explore children's dentistry and sports injuries together... I want you to have the info you need to stay cool, calm and collected, regardless of how many teeth are on the pitch.