Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Two Reasons Why People Should Have Their Teeth Whitened About a Month Before a Special Event

by Lillian Dixon

When people decide to get their teeth whitened for a special event they're going to, they'll often book their teeth whitening appointment with their dentist a few days before the event, to ensure their teeth still look freshly whitened at it. However, it's usually best for a person who wants to do this to get their teeth whitened a month or so beforehand. Here are some reasons why. 

It will give them time to make adjustments to the whiteness of their teeth

If a person has their dentist whiten their teeth several weeks before an event, this will give them time to make adjustments to their teeth's whiteness before their special occasion takes place. For example, whilst a dentist can often whiten their patient's teeth by several levels in one sitting, it's not always possible for them to give someone the extremely bright smile they've requested in a single session. If for example, a patient has sensitive teeth, the dentist might need to use a gentler dosage of the whitening product, to ensure that the patient's teeth don't feel too irritated by the treatment. A person like this might need, for example, two sessions, spaced a couple of weeks apart, to get their teeth bright white, without developing sensitivity issues. If this person were to wait until a few days before their event to get their teeth whitened, they might not be able to get their teeth quite as bright as they would like them to be, in time for this event.

Similarly if a month or so before their event, a person insists that their dentist give them the whitest teeth they possibly can in one sitting, they'll have options, if they then realise their teeth look too white. They could, for example, indulge in their favourite teas or coffees a bit more often throughout the run-up to their special event (as the tannins in these drinks can make teeth less white-looking) and switch to a non-whitening toothpaste until after their event.

It will ensure that their teeth won't be sensitive at their event

Another reason why people should not wait until the last minute to have this treatment at their dentist's clinic is that having it a few weeks beforehand will ensure that their teeth will not feel too sensitive during their special event. This is especially important to note if they will be eating or drinking at the event, as tooth sensitivity could make it hard for them to enjoy their meals and drinks.

Tooth sensitivity doesn't affect everyone who gets their teeth whitened; however, if a person asks their dentist to use a strong whitening solution to dramatically whiten their teeth, then they might be more susceptible to this issue. However, if their teeth whitening appointment takes place weeks before their event, this temporary side-effect will almost certainly be gone by the time the event occurs and they won't have to worry about feeling distracted or uncomfortable on this special occasion.

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