Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Top Reasons to Swap Dentures for Dental Implants

by Lillian Dixon

Dentures are a standard solution for people without more than half of their teeth. However, although dentures are a time-tested solution, they have drawbacks, such as poor fit and the need for regular adjustments. Therefore, if you no longer feel comfortable with dentures in your mouth, you should think about getting all-on-four dental implants. The full-arch teeth are screwed into the jaw bone and can stay on for a lifetime. This article explores the reasons all-on-four dental implants are an excellent choice compared to dentures.

Restore Bite Force 

Diet change is the most significant thing you notice when you wear dentures for the first time. Ideally, patients with dentures are restricted from eating hard foods, such as apples and sugarcane. The reason is that dentures are not rooted in the jaw; therefore, you cannot bite into hard foods with full force like you used to with your natural teeth. If you eat forbidden foods, your dentures loosen gradually and eventually fall off or change position. With all-on-four dental implants, you can eat any food you like as long as you have healed adequately. Unlike dentures that are glued to the palate, all-on-four implants are anchored to your jaws; hence, restoring your bite force. Therefore, you can expand your diet accordingly and enjoy foods you could not eat when you had dentures.

Avoid Embarrassment 

Imagine being seated at a dinner table with your soon-to-be in-laws only for your dentures to fall off or shift as you narrate how you and your fiancé met. While the hosts might understand your situation, it is difficult not to feel awkward when your teeth fall into a glass of water. In fact, some people struggle to recover from such incidences and prefer to stay away from social circles. However, avoiding social environments for fear of denture mishaps defeats the purpose of restoring your smile. All-on-four dental implants help avoid such embarrassing situations because the titanium posts are screwed to the jawbone permanently. Thus, the implants stay in place and eliminate any concerns about your teeth moving.

Reduces Dental Clinic Trips 

When you wear dentures, some dentistry services become mandatory for the rest of your life. For instance, your dentist might require that you get a denture replacement every five years with regular check-ups throughout the period. Maintenance services can be pretty costly for some people, although they are necessary for good oral health. All-on-four dental implants are a permanent solution that reduces the number of trips you make to a dentist. In fact, you only have to see your dentist twice a year like adults with natural teeth do as long as you maintain healthy dental care. Notably, the ease of maintenance makes all-on-four implants pocket-friendly in the long run.


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Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

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