Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Signs That You are a Candidate for a Dental Mouth Guard

by Lillian Dixon

A trip to the dentist is not everyone's cup of tea, but it is essential. It allows the dentist to identify oral cavity problems as well as possible underlying health problems. Dentists recommend different solutions depending on the oral issue that is diagnosed, with mouth guards being one of them. The devices are dental protection aids worn over the teeth upon recommendation by a dentist. While it is advisable to wait for a dentist's diagnosis and prescription, this article highlights telltale signs that you could be a candidate for mouth guards.

You Grind Your Teeth -- Bruxism is a condition that is characterised by grinding of the teeth. It is caused by many different issues, chief among them being stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, most people that grind their teeth are not aware that they do so. This makes it challenging to seek dental treatment in time, leading to facial aches, earaches, disrupted sleep and headaches. However, the most devastating consequence of teeth grinding is tooth damage, which is characterised by worn-out teeth or broken fillings. The best way to protect your teeth from damage and address pain from teeth grinding is wearing mouth guards. A mouth guard creates a barrier between your teeth, ensuring the surfaces do not touch when you are asleep. Furthermore, mouth guards help to reduce the sensation of grinding your teeth.

You Are an Active Contact Sports Athlete -- While being an athlete is not a symptom, it makes you a strong candidate for mouth guards. The reason is that contact sports expose you to oral injuries, such as busted lips and cheeks and broken teeth. Contact sports also expose you to facial injuries. By wearing mouth guards, you can participate in contact sports without risking injuries to your mouth or face. However, while you can buy mouth guards from a sports store or pharmacy, dentists recommend customised guards. The reason is that a poorly fitting mouth guard increases the chances of dental trauma.

You Have Dental Veneers -- If you have a chipped tooth or discoloured teeth that cannot be restored with bleaching, a dentist might recommend dental veneers. However, it is crucial to note that dental veneers are ultra-thin and might be damaged if they are not adequately protected. For this reason, dentists might recommend mouth guards for patients with dental veneers. 

Contact a dentist to learn more about why you might need a mouth guard.


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Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

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