Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal? Here Are Four Times When Wisdom Teeth Removal is Needed Straight Away

by Lillian Dixon

If your dentist has informed you that you need wisdom teeth removal straight away, you may wonder if this procedure is actually necessary. Whilst not all wisdom teeth must be removed, you may have a situation that demands prompt attention. If you have any of the situations discussed below, having the wisdom teeth removed is usually the best course of action. 

When Your Wisdom Teeth Are Quite Obvious

If your wisdom teeth have erupted through the gums -- and especially if they're nearly as prominent as your back molars -- removal is probably necessary. Having those additional teeth in your mouth can put pressure on your other teeth, causing them to shift into new positions. This can mean that your teeth alignment is skewed, causing both cosmetic and functional issues. Wisdom teeth removal allows your other teeth to maintain their current positions without being under pressure. 

If X-Ray Imaging Reveals Poor Positioning

X-ray imaging is a normal part of dental check-ups, as it can reveal current, developing, and potential problems. One of the potential problems that x-rays can reveal is wisdom teeth issues. Even though your wisdom teeth may not have erupted yet, x-ray imaging shows how they're positioned to emerge later. Your dentist may determine that your wisdom teeth are in a bad position, which means that when they eventually erupt they'll cause problems like pain and damage to your other teeth. If this is the case, it's always better to resolve the problem now, through wisdom teeth extraction, than to wait for wisdom teeth eruption and all the problems it will bring. 

If You're Hurting

If you're hurting and it's caused by your wisdom teeth, the problem won't go away until they're removed. Whilst you can always medicate with pain reliever tablets, that's just a short term remedy. Removing the wisdom teeth alleviates your pain permanently and allows you to avoid other potential problems like teeth alignment issues whilst you're at it. 

If You Have a Cyst

Teeth grow in sacs, and when the tooth erupts the sac ruptures and dissipates naturally. However, if you have a wisdom tooth that has yet to erupt, the sac can eventually fill with fluid and then expand to create a larger cyst around your wisdom tooth. That cyst can grow quite large -- up to ping-pong size -- until it exerts significant pressure on the jaw. A cyst could eventually even cause jaw fracture or other severe damage to the jaw, but wisdom teeth removal eliminates both the tooth and the cyst neatly. 

Do you have any of the wisdom teeth problems above? If so, it's likely time to go ahead with your wisdom teeth removal. You'll feel much better afterwards -- and you've also got the benefit of knowing that you'll never have to worry about your wisdom teeth again! Call your dentist today to schedule a visit.


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Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

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