Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

What Your Family Dentist Should Tell You about Teeth Whitening Kits

by Lillian Dixon

At some point or other, you have considered whitening your teeth.  You may have thought of having it done by your family dentist but chose the cheaper option of buying a home whitening kit.  Now you may be wondering if the home whitening kit is a good idea. Independent studies have shown that having sparkling white teeth raises your chances of being appointed to a new job position.   

However, despite their popularity, here are a few facts about home whitening kits that you should know before you buy one.  

Teeth Whitening Kits are not always Effective

Many teeth whitening kits are unlikely to be effective when used without the supervision of your family dentist.  Your teeth have to be healthy and well taken care of for a few home whitening kits to work.   Problems such as cavities and sensitivities are likely to make the home whitening impractical. 

The most effective way to whiten your teeth is to have teeth whitening done by your family dentist.  Dentists have tried and tested methods to whiten your teeth.  Their supervision of the process is likely to make your whitening painless and effective.  Your teeth can be whitened back to their original color or even by ten shades if they are in a good state of health. 

Results Take Time To Be Noticed

When you whiten your teeth at home, you may not see the results immediately.  It may take a number of months to see results.  The correct whitening done at your dentists will show results in less than a week.  Even when special light is used to whiten teeth, it may be no more effective even when done at the dentists. 

When you whiten at home without the supervision of your dentist, your teeth and gums may become sensitive.  This can lead to a lot of pain. 

There are No side effects

Whitening carried out by a dentist is safe and has no side effects.  However, when you purchase a whitening kit online or from high street shops, you may encounter any number of side effects.  The safety of those products you use without the supervision of your dentist is not guaranteed. 

There is very little government control on teeth whiteners.  You are better of erring on the side of safety.  Let your family dentist whiten your teeth even if it will cost you much more than if you got a home whitening kit.


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Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

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