Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

4 Reasons Why Your Teeth Might Get Crooked After Braces Have Straightened Them

by Lillian Dixon

So, you had your braces taken off to reveal a straight and stunning smile, but now, perhaps several years later, you're noticing that your teeth are starting to become crooked once again. It's always best to contact a dentist for some advice, but here are four of the major reasons why this might be happening.

1. You Had Braces as a Child

Most people have braces put on when they are in their early teenage years, but it is occasionally necessary for younger patients to need braces as well. This is typically only done in extreme cases since the teeth are still prone to movement as a person ages.

This means that a child whose teeth were successfully straightened by wearing braces when they were 8 could need another set by the time they get to 14 or 15.  

2. Neglecting Post-Brace Care

Plenty of people think that the treatment of their crooked teeth will consist merely of the braces themselves, but it's quite common for an orthodontist to provide a retainer or aligners to be used after braces are removed.

Unfortunately, some people fail to believe that they really need to wear such devices, so they stop doing so rather quickly. This can mean that your teeth start to move out of alignment once again.

3. Continuing Poor Habits

Teeth can go crooked for many reasons, and many of them are not the direct fault of the patient. Some bad habits, known technically as 'incorrect myofunctional habits', can cause the teeth to move out of alignment. Breathing through your mouth, sucking your thumb and tongue thrusting are all common examples.

Braces might correct the issues caused by those habits, but your teeth will be just as susceptible to those issues once braces are removed.

4. Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth will never be a pleasant experience, and it can also cause other teeth to become crooked. The gap that is left when one tooth is removed provides space for the others to drift into.

Government research indicates that around 3 out of every 10 Australian adults suffer from untreated tooth decay -- a major cause of tooth loss -- so make sure you safeguard your oral health if you don't want a crooked smile.

Having braces in the past won't protect you from the complications that come along with the problems listed above. Make sure you continue doing what's best for your teeth, and book an orthodontic appointment if you think there is anything the matter.


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Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

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