Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Why Do You Need a Family Dentist?

by Lillian Dixon

Regardless of whether you need to see a dentist for regular dental check-up, treatment or a dental emergency, having a good family dentist is the best solution for your entire family. Family dentists are general practice dentists that have the training and experience to deal with patients of all ages from children to adults. They provide prevention and treatment services for a wide range of dental conditions and procedures.

Family dentistry creates an environment where families work together, coming in for their dental appointments and holding each other accountable for their dental health care and hygiene. A family that embraces family dentistry tends to have better oral health. The following are some of the reasons why it is important to consider getting a family dentist for your entire family.

One stop shop

Dentists and facilities that practice family dentistry are equipped with all the tools and equipment necessary for different dental-related conditions. This makes a family dentist your reliable one stop shop for the entire family's dental needs. They are able to perform all kinds of dental procedures such as cosmetic dentistry, braces and root canals and fixation of teeth replacement structures such as veneers, bridges and crowns. They also offer annual exams, routine cleanings and dental education on good dental practices and preventive measures.

Anticipation of hereditary dental issues

A family dentist is able to identify hereditary dental issues that may affect your children in the future. By treating both parents and children, they are able to identify and prevent such conditions from affecting the children as well. Such potential dental problems are incorporated in the pediatric dental plan for proper monitoring. A dentist without such information will not be able to detect such conditions early. This will result in costly treatment for issues that could have been prevented.

24-hour reliable services

This is one of the top reasons why you need to get a family dentist. In case of a dental emergency, you can be assured that your family dentist will come to your aid within the shortest time possible. You can also make a dental appointment for the entire family at once and receive treatment promptly without long procedures. This is convenient, as it saves the time that you would spend taking each child at a time to see a dentist.

Personalized treatment

Many families stick to the same dentist over a long period of time. This not only enhances dental treatment where family dental records are all assessed by the same dentist but also ensures you get personalized treatment. Over time, all the family members get familiar with the dentist and are able to openly talk about their dental health for better treatment. Children who are mostly anxious about seeing dentists also get used to one dentist and embrace dental health with time.

Finally, family dentist offer affordable dental services. One of the reasons for this is because diagnosis and treatments are made promptly, limiting the number of visits to the facility. This translates to less cost of treatment and other services such as consultation. For more information, contact a business such as Thomas Aulsebrook & Associates.


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Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

As a mum, I know how essential sport can be to children's development. Through team sports like soccer, kids learn persistence, sportsmanship and the value of supporting their team members. However, all that learning carries some risk as well, and a stray elbow or a ball to the face can result in oral injuries. I have been the mum rushing to the emergency room with a precious permanent tooth sitting in a cup of milk. Admittedly, at the time, I wasn't even sure if the cup of milk was the right solution. As a parent, you will face those situations, and I'm here to make sure you know what to do when they pop up. With this blog, let's explore children's dentistry and sports injuries together... I want you to have the info you need to stay cool, calm and collected, regardless of how many teeth are on the pitch.