Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Still Using Amalgam (Metallic) Fillings? Have Them Replaced With White Ceramic Or Composite Inlays

by Lillian Dixon

Metallic fillings, also called amalgam, were the primary way to fill tooth cavities in the past. Their installation helped to restore the structural functions of the tooth while preventing further tooth decay. However, thanks to dental innovation, today there are better suited alternatives in the market. These are ceramic and composite resin inlays. If you still have the older grey metallic fillings, you can have a dentist replace them with one of the newer alternatives.

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How it's done:

The process of replacing your older amalgam fillings is pretty much just like making a new installation. First, the old fillings are drilled out and removed. The area is then cleaned to remove any dirt that may have accumulated between the tooth and the filling. If necessary, any persistent decay is sawed off with a dental file.

The gap is then prepared by roughening it a bit to ensure proper adhesion of the new inlay. Next, your dentist will attach a dental clasp around the tooth and pour the new infill material around the gap. The clasp will keep the material from spilling to the gums or tongue. The dentist will then mould the infill material to ensure it takes the shape and form of your natural tooth. Once dried, the dentist will smooth the edges of the new infill to make sure there are no sharp edges that may harm your mouth.

Why you should consider upgrading from amalgam to ceramic or composite fillings

There are a number of reasons why you should consider making the switch from older amalgam fillings to the newer alternatives. These are:

  • Newer fillings are more natural looking:

Fillings made from ceramic or composite resins have the same colour as your tooth. Once installed therefore, they do not stand out like their predecessor. No one will know that you have them in place. This ensures that you have a brighter smile and that your self confidence is not eroded by the installation of dental fillings.

  • Newer 'white' fillings made from ceramic or composite resin are healthier:

White fillings can also be said to be healthier as they do not feature silver or mercury that is present in amalgam. With these newer alternatives, therefore, you won't have to worry about harmful metal particles being ingested over time and putting your health at risk.

To get your fillings changed, talk to a dentist and discuss the right material to replace your amalgam with.


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Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

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