Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

Factors That May Necessitate A Repeat Root Canal Treatment

by Lillian Dixon

Root canal treatment/therapy is an important dental procedure that seeks to halt internal damage, alleviate pain and save your tooth from having to be extracted. It's a delicate, but relatively easy process, thanks to modern dental technology.

Even when you've undergone a root canal therapy; it's important to know that there are still chances you may need a subsequent endodontic treatment in the future. Repeat root canal treatments are common and may be necessitated by a number of factors. Read on to see what they are.

Inadequate irrigation the first time

In the first root canal treatment, the root canals are supposed to be irrigated once the inflamed pulp has been extracted. The irrigation process is important for removing any minute pulp tissue attached to the canal walls. The irrigation process also serves to disinfect the tooth. If not carried out adequately, some infection may remain. This can re-introduce infection of the tooth and necessitate a fresh root canal therapy.

Incorrect sealing of the tooth the first time

After a root canal procedure, the root of the tooth is supposed to be sealed tightly through placement of a new crown, or sealing of the original one. If any gap is left around the crown, food particles and bacteria can get into the tooth and cause fresh decay. Again, this would cause pain and subsequent deterioration of the tooth. A repeat root canal treatment would be required.

Continuing infection in the pulp

In some cases, the underlying infection in the tooth can continue even after a successful therapy treatment has been carried out. This can happen if microbial bacteria still exist around the tissues or the root of the tooth. Your dentist or endondontist will have no way of foreseeing this recurrent infection. If it does happen, a repeat root canal therapy must be carried out.

Fresh tooth injuries

At other times, a repeat root canal therapy has little to do with the original treatment. This refers to cases where the affected tooth gets injured such that the tooth chips, cracks or breaks. If this happens, the root of the tooth can be exposed to bacteria from the mouth and inflammations/infection can re-occur. This would necessitate a fresh therapy procedure before the tooth can be restored.

When a repeat root canal treatment is needed, your dentist or endodontist will decide whether to carry out a repeat root canal therapy or an endodontic surgical procedure. The latter is more thorough and entails removal of tissue and bone around the affected area.

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Children's Sports and Dental Injuries

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